About Us

.We want to make your morning easier. From Farm to Cup, we take great pride in celebrating the taste of quality and 


Taste the quality with no equipment needed. 


Taste a quality cup of Coffee

Let us take care of the nerdy coffee science part because we love it, and you enjoy the taste of the cofffee just however you want it. Let us source the quality coffee beans, roast it to develop the best aroma flavor and sweetness, and portion it with perfect water & bean ratio, grind it to with the perfect size to provide you, a cup of tasty coffee. 

We want to make your morning easier

Moms, we want to make your morning easier. Tear apart the coffee bag, add water, and you morning cup of coffee is waiting for you while you running errands. Throw away the coffee bag after brew, you are done cleaning. 

New Yorkers, with limited kitchen space, no brewing equipment needed, we have your fresh brewing coffee waiting for you

Hiker/camper/Ski-er, we 


During Covid, Let's enhance our safety to drink your personal coffee in your personal cup.




Let us  


Meet Our team:

Moro Cao:

Grew up in a coffee farmland in Yunnan, our founder Moro knows quality matters. After living in San Francisco and Manhattan for a few years, limited space and sharing kitchen with roommates, it is almost impossible to have all of the

In Taste, we are dedicated to provide you high quality specialty coffee with 100% arabica coffee beans. In Taste, we believe a quality cup of coffee is more than the pleasant feeling on your palates, but also carries along with hard work from the farmers and sustainable farmings. To support the communities at local farms, we ethically source green beans from Fair Trade Co-Ops. We are proudly use all recyclable and compostable material on our packagings. Our mission is simple, bring the farm to your cup. (for steep: bring the farm to your mug in 2min)

Meet our team: we are women owned company. We are a group of coffee enthusiasts and earth lovers